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So I’m sitting outside and I hit random on my podfic playlist and suddenly I’m listening to one of the funniest, most hysterical fanfics I’ve ever heard in my life, but one that I’d forgotten about until now. It’s an old, obscure fandom, but for the love of all things, take a few moments and give it a read. I may even reblog the rec later. That’s how good it is.

Remember Newsradio? One of the funniest, most unappreciated shows of the 90s? The Arrested Development of its day?

Yeah. That show. Someone beautiful wrote fanfic about the station getting caught up in the early days of online fandom (specifically X-Files):

The message from Lisa wasn’t what he was expecting. First of all, it was longer than any memo he’d ever seen. He skimmed the first few paragraphs — something about a string of disappearances in upstate New York — and realized it must be a feature story she was working on, though he was surprised she hadn’t mentioned it before and wondered why she was sending the full text of it to everybody now.

Besides that, the style was much different from what he was used to from Lisa. Not the straightforward journalistic prose of most of her stories but something much more suspenseful at the start, and full of lush description as she went on. On the second page she started focusing on the two FBI agents who were investigating the case. How did she know about these people? Dave wondered. When had she had time to work on this? And why in hell was she lavishing so much detail on Agent Mulder’s muscled arms and soulful green eyes?

The characters are so spot-on it makes me want to go and watch the entire series again. Lisa writes NC-17 het fic and accidentally sends it to the office instead of her fic mailing list. Katherine is a slash fan who secretly writes RPF about Joe and Bill. Bill wants to dramatize the porn on the air. Matthew wants to know if they’re going to run with Lisa’s story about the alien abductions.

It. Is. PERFECT. And such a brilliant take on the early days of online fanfic besides. Everyone who has ever been embarrassed about getting caught reading/writing fic needs to read it.