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girls don’t want boys girls want deaf clint barton to be incorporated into the mcu

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I like how Natasha always cares about other people’s safety before hers.

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"So you’re saying that the Hulk… the other guy… saved my life? That’s nice. It’s a nice sentiment. Save it for what?"

"I guess we’ll find out."

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*shouts from rooftops* DEAF CLINT BARTON IS A THING

*runs skipping through halls throwing flower petals* DEAF CLINT BARTON IS FINALLY HAPPENING

*shows up in your bedroom in the dark* DEAF CLINT BARTON IS COMING

*appears from vents above your head* DEAF CLINT BARTON

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text posts ft. the avengers

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marvel edition- inspired by (x)

 #DO ONE WITH CLINT " - bonus for jdrox:

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A.I.M agents on lunch break, part II. 

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Exclusive footage: Marvel uses the latest technology to camouflage Scarlett’s pregnancy in the new Avengers: Age of Ultron

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the avengers cast members crashing interviews at sdcc 2014

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