I got this blog to post updates to my fanfic, but this account RAPIDLY morphed into a random stream of every damn thing. Whatever reason you've stumbled across this blog, you should know that I am very multifandom and I obsess over MANY things. However, I am also very big on tagging things, so if you look at the "what I blog about" link below, that will give some idea of what I post if you want to blacklist anything. ALSO. I try to keep my blog worksafe overall, but occasionally things happen. I will ALWAYS tag anything you wouldn't want your boss or grandmother to see.

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momentsofweakness replied to your post: Does anyone know if the invites for AO3 are back yet?

Waiting for one myself! The site previously had me in early December, but now I’ve moved up to late November. Fingers crossed it keeps going faster. That was a lot of ‘er’s.

Yep! That’s where I’m at, too. I’m not too worried about it. At the rate I’m going with my fic, there probably won’t be too much of a lag between posting on LJ and getting my AO3 account the slow way (it’s done, but I’m sort of stuck in an endless rewrite at the moment).

momentsofweakness replied to your post: OH FUCK ME APPARENTLY MY CAT IS A MOUSER BECAUSE…

I had a cat that used to bring me live mice on purpose. Into my bedroom, in the middle of the night. Yeeaah, that was fun. Then she’d wait patiently on my bed while I caught them, and beam at me all happily as if to say ‘Aren’t I just the best cat?’

That…doesn’t make me feel better. Oh god if my cat does that I’ll have a heart attack.

At least she’s having a good night. My hand to god I don’t remember the last time I’ve seen her have so much fun.

momentsofweakness replied to your post: Just got around to finishing The Act of Creation…

You suck I hate you. Why? Would you give me this pain?! Excuse me while I go keep reading this fic and drown in my tears.

Because it’s soooo good! It’s feel-good angst. Angst that’s sole function is to make you feel warm and fuzzy by the time you reach the end of it. That is tremendous. Shhh. Just go read. Dummy can get you kleenex :D

momentsofweakness replied to your post: I honestly don’t care much about my follower count

But…why would anyone stop following you? I”m so confused.

So…I guess I can stop checking to see if you’re still there, then? (Yes, yes, I know! Sometimes I check to make sure my betas are still there, too. I don’t know! What if you REALLY hated my last chapter or something? What would happen then?!)

But honestly, I have a sneaking suspicion that people follow me without knowing 1) that I reblog like a fiend and 2) that I reblog so many shows they’re not interested in half of them. I almost always lose a follower a week or two after I’ve gained a few.

"For as much as society is considered to be more accepting of issues like sexuality, things still have not changed much since older shows like Will and Grace were criticized for presenting Will as non-sexual and “de-eroticizing the sexual male act” (Battles 96). Current television shows like Modern Family and Glee, while more willing to present gay characters and couples, still receive similar criticism about their hesitance to show gay and lesbian couples as physically affectionate (Ayers; Keith)."

— Hey, remember that time I snuck Glee/thinly-veiled Tumblr shoutouts in my English Honours paper? Fun times!



The final chapter of Your Steady Hands:


The final chapter of Your Steady Hands:


The final chapter of Your Steady Hands:


The final chapter of Your Steady Hands:


The final chapter of Your Steady Hands:


momentsofweakness replied to your post: How I know I’m in the middle of a semester

You type better whilst hammered than anyone I’ve ever seen. Brava.
Oh man. That took me like 20 tries. It’s like the letters are all rearranged on the keyboard and I’m editing through heavy fog :D

Moments of Weakness: This is fic. Here. Have it.


This was inspired back when Darren did the concert at Joe’s Pub, and more specifically by a certain gif that was running around back then, from Jealousy. You know the one. Where he’s gripping the mic so tightly, and he turns his head away from the crowd because he had just screwed up again and it…

I’ll leave his name out of the tags because you’re right, the cast does come look at Tumblr sometimes and I understand the mind-numbing terror of Darren seeing the stuff that we write haha, but this is such a sweet, sweet one-shot. Especially because I’ve felt tired and unstable like that and can relate very much XD

momentsofweakness asked: Watch it anyway, darling! Yes, the twist isn't very twisty. I knew going in what would happen. But OH MY GOD THE FEELS! No, seriously, I DON'T cry. Like...ever. Ask my friends, they'll tell you. I've got a heart of stone. I was literally sobbing, even though I knew the ending. it. It's amazing and fabulous and oh so very heartbreaking.

Oh I believe you. I finally got around to watching Game of Shadows yesterday, and I felt a little weepy at the end of that, so… yep. Tears will be happening. The trick is going to be finding time to watch it with my sister, as we’re both obsessed with it and watch it together. Not that I don’t love that each episode is approximately as long as a LotR movie, but it sure makes it hard to plan two different schedules around watching one. >:(

If it takes too long I’ll cave and watch it ahead of time and just not tell her. It’s… possible I’ve done that before, too. It’s not like I won’t cry hysterically each time anyhow.

I may or may not be considering the possibility of doing a podfic for Number Not The Voices and Your Steady Hands.



Also, I have no idea how to go about doing this. I don’t even know if I have the right equipment. *contemplates*

I’m interested I’m interested!

Do you have a headset with a mic? That’s the best way because it has the least interference, but if not, and your computer has a built in mic, you can use that, too. If you don’t have a recording/video editing program on your computer, you can download one called Audacity for free.

Oh hang on, I swear Emiliana posted something about how to do this. I’m going to go look.

She did! It’s right here

In conclusion: Interested :D


New attempt to answer the awesome meme ask from cassieshawol about my favourite fanfic writers for SPN and Glee. Fingers crossed.


Chash - Writer of some of the cutest and funniest SPN and J2 fics you will ever find. This is who we have to thank for that J2 Big Bang Theory AU and the best coda ever written for “The Monster at the End of This Book”.

Eighth_Horizon/Gekizetsu - I love this writer just for existing most of the time. And also for giving us fics like the ones where Cas gets drunk and is weepy/beligerent/flirty, and maybe the greatest product of the entire SPN fandom, the fanart/fic series where Sam gets drunk and writes Stephen King hatemail.

Fleshflutter - Tends to write either very triggery or very cracky or very hot fic. Lots of Wincest, but worth checking out some of her stories whether you’re into that sort of thing or not. My favourites include the one where Michael takes over Dean’s body to read Twilight and get a crush on Sam, and the epic and hilarious Incestuous Courtship of the Antichrist’s Bride.

Kroki_refur - Writer of the epic Crow on the Cradle (which I have already mentioned) and that fic where Sam is cursed to turn into different sea animals. Need I say more?

Titheniel - Last spot for the perpetual WiPs! Read at your own risk! The co-author of the mind-bogglingly pornographic, insanely angsty Days in Our Lives ‘verse, and the author of the just plain angsty Snapshots ‘verse. Both are J2 and beyond incredible, but be warned, I highly doubt they will ever be finished :(


Lovely_spark (lovely-spark on Tumblr) - Because Grace in Your Heart is one of the best fics ever and asdfkjl;

Emilianadarling (same name on Tumblr) - Like the person responsible for the old school vampire Kurt fic and the Ella Enchanted AU fic wouldn’t be on this list.

Callmerayray (momentsofweakness on Tumblr) - shamelessly pimping a beta because Number Not the Voices (and its sequel Your Steady Hands) is one of the first Klaine ‘verses I got super into, and she writes other kickass things too, like this hypothermia fic about Kurt and Finn! :D

Rotynd (adirotynd on Tumblr) - Writes some of the best fluff you will ever find, and the character interaction in these stories make my life. I recommend all of it, but the fic where Wes thinks Kurt is a canary whisperer and the one where Finn teaches Kurt about gay sex are two particular favourites :)

Jockchic - Abandoned WiP Warning!!! The first writer to ever suck me into Glee fic, this MiA author actually predates Klaine and wrote Puckurt. My god was it ever amazing. Wrote the Escort Kurt future fic, and was one of the first authors I’m aware of to write gay Karofsky before it was canon, in this heartbreaking NOT FINISHED WHY GOD WHY story where Kurt is raped by Karofsky.